​All of our Aftermarket Joystick controllers  to fit Snorkel machines are tested in our workshop in the UK by our own highly trained technicians.

Every controller is designed and built with pride using the very best crafted materials to Platform Controls specifications. 

We use all original specification components or upgraded original manufacturer supplied where possible.

* All our Products carry a 1 year replacement warranty*

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Joystick Controller


066786-000.  66786-000. UpRight Joystick Snorkel Scissorlift Cherrypicker

066786-000 UP to fit UpRight Electric Scissor Lift

Proportional Controller,

MX19, SL20, X26, X32, SL26 Electric, SL30 Electric, SL26 Bi Energy, SL30 Bi Energy,  

Our 066786-000 controller features the very latest technology components using the very latest potentiometer. 

This is a proportional controller is used in various UpRight Machines.

Our 1 year replacement warranty comes as standard.

501882-000 to fit UpRight Electric Scissor Lift

Hall affect Controller, AB38, MX19, X Series, ITT,

Our 501882-000 controller features the very latest technology components using hall effect chip and magnet thus doing away with the wearing potentiometer. 

Our 1 year replacement warranty comes as standard.